Choose your Trevor James Flute

Choose your Trevor James Flute

Welcome to the TJ flute range


From the Trevor James 10x beginner flute to the handmade professional 'Recita'l model there is a Trevor James flute waiting for you. 


The TJ10x (ideal 'first' flute)

  •  TJ 10x - silver-plated body and mechanism


TJ  'Performers' Series 

  • TJ Privilege - 925 silver lip with silver-plated tube and mechansim
  • TJ Chanson - 925 silver head with silver-plated body and mechanism
  • TJ Virtuoso - 925 silver tube with silver-plated mechanism


TJ 'Recital' handmade flutes

  • TJ Recital 2 - Handmade flute with FMG headjoint / 925 silver body, soldered tone holes.
  • TJ Recital 3 - Handmade flute with FMG headjoint / 925 silver body and mechanism, soldered tone holes.   14k gold plating available on all 'Performers' and 'Recital' models.

TJ alto flutes

Free blowing and probably the most popular alto in the world.  Silver-plated and copper alloy models.


TJ bass flutes

Handmade and free blowing instruments. Silver-plated models.


Covid-19 Advice


1. Wash your hands thoroughly before you play your sax.

2. Don't use Chlorine based sanitisers on your instrument. The components in chlorine based sanitizers could cause corrosion, deterioration and/or tarnishing of the metal and might also tarnish and loosen the lacquer.

3.  Make sure your fingers are dry after santising your hands and before you play your instrument.

4. Don't share your mouthpiece / instrument with another person.

5. Make sure your clean your mouthpiece thoroughly after playing.

6. Put any wet cleaning / internal drying cloths in to a plastic bag straight after playing. Wash the cloths as soon as possible and discard the plastic bag.



The fantastic 'Talking Flute' Podcasts with Flute Professor and International flute player Clare Southworth 

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